Philanthropy And The World
Serious social causes exist that draw international attention to the chaos of war-torn regions, the suffering caused by natural disasters, and the chronic lack of resources within communities. These events and conditions matter because people need help. They need financial resources, education, stability, and hope. However, sometimes philanthropists may become focused on those situations to the exclusion of other situations that are closer to home. These aren’t in the national newspapers. They’re across town or just around the block.

Why Is Local Philanthropy Important?
Local philanthropy makes a difference in lives right within our communities. When a philanthropist has built an abundant life for themselves within an area, giving back to the community is a substantial way to express gratitude. Living where they do, they can have a deeper understanding of local issues and can provide more effective help. The results of local efforts are often immediately observable. This means that solutions often occur more quickly. It also means that correcting logistics or cultural mistakes prevents problems before they can become serious complications. With local philanthropy, citizens can connect with other concerned people. They grow together as a community that resists being defined by their troubles. Together they can rise above them.

What Does Serving On The Local Level Accomplish?
Serving locally provides distinct advantages. It reduces the troublesome logistics that worldwide philanthropy often encounters. This includes shipping issues, international legal concerns, political unrest, and experiencing middlemen taking their ‘cut’ in the proceeds meant for suffering people. Locally, results can often become more readily recognizable and easier to accomplish. Connecting with other neighborhood organizations and working together is far simpler when they all live in the same area and serve within the same neighborhoods. Sharing of resources becomes simpler and easier. Individual lives respond to the local efforts of people who are investing in their communities.

An Example Of Local Philanthropy
From playgrounds and school books to homeless shelters and community green areas, philanthropists have invested locally in their San Francisco communities. From wealthy citizens to middle-class families, they care about their neighborhoods. They have come together to solve local problems and stabilize communities. They have resisted chaotic influences in society for a better world now.