The devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey have been felt by several states, but it has been a particularly trying time for Texas. Intense flooding and difficult survival conditions for many have been a concern. Relief efforts, however, have been underway for near weeks now, trying to help bring a sense of normalcy to the areas hit hardest. And thanks to the volunteers and donations pouring in from the rest of the country, the statement, “Everything is bigger in Texas,” is happily holding true.


Team Reed Foundation works with a lot of hard-working charities, and we’ve been fortunate enough to be able to donate to these groups. With so many charities and nonprofits helping during this time, however, we also wanted to highlight even more ways that you can donate or help. Houston, the state of Texas, and all of those who are trying to rebuild after this catastrophic weather event are relying on the kindness of these groups to help, and it’s only right to highlight them as well.


Below, we’ve compiled a list of outstanding organizations that have been working around the clock to keep Texans safe. If you’re looking to help, this list is a great place to start.


American Red Cross

Always active in times of crisis, the American Red Cross is accepting all sorts of donations from monetary collections to clothing. You can even send a simple text to 90999 with the word “HARVEY,” to quickly donate $10.


Team Rubicon

As rescues have been intense and dangerous in parts of Texas, organizations like Team Rubicon bring in specially trained veterans who are well-equipped to handle crises of this nature to help. Those currently working in Texas are working on dangerous water rescues for those who have been stranded and cannot get to safety.


Austin Pets Alive!

Many pets and animals have been lost, stranded, or left behind in the aftermath of Harvey. This organization will help to give shelter to these animals as well as offset care costs, adoption fees, and foster opportunities.



This organization was founded after the wrath of Hurricane Katrina a few years ago. This team helps to aid in the recovery of affected areas by bringing in Americorps volunteers to begin rebuilding. You can make a donation to this cause here.


All Hands

All Hands is a nonprofit aimed at organizing relief efforts in times of crisis and disaster. You can give donations to help efforts or volunteer your time with the staff led by “disasterologist” Samantha Montano.


Food Banks

With the water supply being scarce in many areas of Texas, food banks have been reaching out to anyone who has any water or food to give. If you’re able to donate food or water, visit one of the following banks: Houston Food Bank, Corpus Christi Food Bank, Southeast Texas Food Bank.



This organization has set up a wide network of help through its local health centers, response partners, and clinics that are free to the public. Currently, they are working through requests throughout Texas for water, medications, and emergency deliveries.


Save The Children

Save The Children has been very busy sending hygiene kits, cribs, strollers, and blankets to those in need at this time. Their staff has also helped to set up “Child Friendly Spaces” in the relief and emergency shelters to ease the care for children and keep them happy and healthy. Donations and support can be given here.


Feeding Texas

Acting as a network for food banks across Texas, Feeding Texas has been helping to organize all food bank efforts to make sure all in need are being assisted quickly. Visit their site to see the local food banks they work with and to learn how to get involved.


SPCA of Texas

Another great animal rescue resource, the SPCA in Texas has been taking care of and sheltering many animals whose homes, owners, and food have been affected due to the hurricane. Whether they have been stranded or just need simple care, the SPCA is doing all they can to make sure these pets are reunited with family and cared for until they can return home.


Have more ideas on how to help during this trying time in Texas? Let us know. It’s important to remember to remain safe as conditions are still dangerous in several parts of the state. We thank all who have donated and volunteered, and we certainly have been thinking of all who have been touched by Hurricane Harvey.