When it comes to organizing fundraising events that are really going to make an impact and raise a lot of money, many nonprofits and charities look to hosting golf tournaments to get people excited about giving back to their community. Golf tournaments can be extremely stressful to plan, so having a coherent plan and doing some research before you start the process will be extremely important in ensuring you have the best experience possible. Below are some great tips that will help you to hold an event that will not only be profitable for your cause or organization, but will be a lot of fun as well.


Determine your goals and plan

Before any of the fun can happen, a ton of planning has to occur. First, you have to determine what your goals are for your event. Exactly how much money are you looking to raise? How big of a budget do you have to spend on this event? Will the profits you raise here be split amongst several charities or will it benefit your nonprofit directly for more community outreach? These questions will help you to determine a lot of key elements of your tournament. Along with making the event profitable, this should be a fun gathering for those who have paid to participate. Make sure there are rules in place for a friendly competition that still serves to let people relax and enjoy themselves no matter the outcome.


One step that is often looked over comes within the planning stage. Make sure you contact your local events coordinator, either through the mayor’s office or the local chamber of commerce, to make sure there isn’t a big tournament scheduled around the time you are planning yours!


Pick a committee

This is not a one-person operation. Planning a golf tournament will take a group of knowledgeable and organized people from within the community and within the company. You’ll want a few golf fans or players as well, since the planning will require a clear understanding of the rules of the game. Make sure you determine clearly defined roles for each committee member, and create a list of tasks as a group that each member is responsible for.


Find a sponsor

Because golf tournaments can be a large undertaking, having a local sponsor to help plan the event, draw community interest, or to match donations, will be crucial to your event’s success. You’ll need all of the outreach help that you can get to market this tournament successfully, so do your research before picking any sponsor to make sure they meet your committee and tournament’s needs as well.


Choose a course that meets all of your needs

Of course, there can’t be a golf tournament without a golf course. When looking for the right course to hold your event, location and level of play will be the two greatest factors to look out for. If this is an amateur golf tournament, you won’t want to use a course that is too difficult as the tournament could run long and participants could become frustrated. Additionally, you’ll want to choose a course that has a lot of experience in partnering with charities and nonprofits.


Make sure there is plenty of food and plenty to drink

If you’re making your event open to the public and allowing people to come and watch, ongoing food and beverage options are a must. Not only will the players need energy to play through the day, the spectators will need something to keep them charged and happy as well. You can choose to use a local caterer to attract even more sponsorship, or you can use the golf course’s clubhouse to keep costs down.


Celebrate the day

While this event is for charity, it’s best to not let your guests walk away empty handed. Set up a medal or trophy ceremony or give away prizes for different superlatives to give your tournament a friendly and humorous touch. If you really want to take your even to the next level, you can host a cocktail party or gala afterwards to include anyone who wants to donate to your cause who may not have the skills needed for the tournament.


No matter how you choose to plan your charitable golf tournament, make sure you aim to have fun and connect with your community- if these two things are accomplished, everything else will just be an added benefit from the day. For more fundraising tips and advice, check my blog regularly for new posts and ideas.