As today’s world continues to see new, advancing social problems, there is work going into helping to solve them at the same time. Charitable giving has become increasingly important for organizations, as both employees and the general public are now basing their viewpoints by the organization’s charitable efforts. This trend is not only apparent in the corporate world, but the sports world as well, including golf. How exactly does golf give back to the community, and how does it benefit our world moving forward?

Golf’s Contribution
Like most sports, golf not only provides charitable giving to their respective communities, but they work to provide more access to the sport for those from underserved communities. Each year, the sport of golf donates around $3.9 billion to help provide access to daily necessities and access to the sport. According to, the sport also focuses on helping health, youth, education, environmental and cultural groups both across the nation and around the world.

According to a study from the National Golf Foundation, the sport held 143,000 events in 2016 alone, where they were able to raise nearly $24,600 during each event. The same year, golf was found to have contributed approximately 1% of the entire nation’s total giving.

The PGA Tour’s Contribution
The Professional Golfers Association of America, or the PGA Tour, is one of the major contributors to their communities in golf. According to the PGA Tour Charities, over $180 million was raised and distributed to 3,000 different charities in the United States, which has had a profound impact on the communities in need.

As part of the PGA Tour’s effort to contribute to charitable giving, they work with some of golf’s biggest names to make a difference in the community, including Phil Mickelson. In general, most of the money that is raised by the PGA Tour and its players go to organizations that promote education and leadership, particularly for children in underserved communities around the United States.

While other sports are known to provide significant contributions, golf continues to be a heavy influence in the philanthropy sector. As our world continues to evolve and face new challenges, organizations like the PGA Tour Charities will be there to provide financial relief when it is most needed.