Getting together with friends and family to do a fun night out can create some of the best memories one has. For many instances, finding an event for a nonprofit organization whose mission you share can make the evening even more memorable.

Nonprofit organizations all around the country hold various types of fundraisers every year in an effort to raise the money they need to function. One event that has grown considerably in popularity are sip and paint nights. During a sip and paint night, friends and family can sign up to attend a painting class that actually walks the group through various painting techniques. The best part about a sip and paint night? Guests are treated to wine, or their favorite alcohol, to sip on as they create their own masterpiece. Because of the unique concept that paint night has, it has proven to be successful in fundraising ideas.

Planning A Sip and Paint Night
While it seems like a sip and paint night would be quick and easy to plan, there are some things to remember when beginning to plan it out. To begin, you will have to find an art studio that does different types of events.

Some art studios offer to donate a portion of the proceeds raised during the paint event to the given organization. This approach would simply give a percentage of the money raised during the event back to the organization. This is a popular option for countless businesses, because it requires less planning and dedication.

On the other hand, studios may want to host the event at a discounted price, allowing the organization to engage in fundraising efforts. With this approach, studios take a lump sum that was agreed upon with the organization, while letting the remaining funds that were raised go to the organization. Different organizations may benefit from each approach different, depending on their fundraising goal and size of the attendees.

The last element to think about when planning the event is finding an art studio that will allow alcohol in the vicinity. Part of the appeal of a paint night is the opportunity to sip on wine while crafting your own piece of art. Ensuring that the studio allows alcohol reduces the risk of problems on the night of the event.

Concluding Thoughts
With non-profit organizations requiring fun, unique events to raise funds, it is important to remember different strategies that intrigue your audience. Putting together fun events not only ensures that loyal donors will continue to give to your organization, but can help expand your reach to other donors in the future.