Fundraising continues to be an integral part of the success of non-profit organizations everywhere. Not only can they provide a majority of funding that allows an organization to continue their work in the community, but fundraisers give organizations an opportunity to spread their mission to a large audience. This could include contributors and supporters for the organization, as well as the general public. While there are many different fundraisers, Team Reed Enterprises will explore the most popular fundraising ideas, beginning with hosting a golf tournament. Hosting a golf tournament is a great fundraiser for several reasons, including the ability to host a large crowd and implement different fundraising strategies.

Golf Tournaments can Cater to a Large Crowd
Because of their sheer size, golf courses can hold a large group at one time, with a golf course able to hold up to 72 players. For larger charity golf tournaments that are more likely fill each hole with a foursome, they can opt to begin with a “shotgun start.” The shotgun start takes places when each foursome begins at a different hole. Essentially, instead of having up to 72 people beginning at the first hole, players will tee off simultaneously on different holes to prevent a delay in play. Many organizations will expand their golf tournament to two golf courses to open up more spots to play, opening up room to 144 players.

There are Opportunities to Find Other Unique Fundraising Ideas
While golf tournaments are a great way to fundraise for an organization on their own, there are many strategies that can be implemented to increase donations. For example, golf tournaments may offer add-ons that are available for purchase. Mulligans, a common add-on available for purchase at charity tournaments, give players a second chance if they are unhappy with a particular golf shot without it counting against their final score.

Tournaments will also add various activities at different holes that players can pay to play. For example, players can purchase tickets to participate in a longest drive contest for the chance to win the longest drive. The winner of the longest drive typically receives a fun prize. Activities like this not only raise more money for the organization, but it helps keep golfers excited to compete each year. The longest drive is just one example of on-course activities that can help raise money for an organization.

Hosting a Golf Tournament can Provide a Different Approach From Traditional Approaches
Because of the massive increase in the number of organizations in the nation today, the significance of fundraising continues to grow as well. To meet their financial goals, organizations oftentimes hold a large, luxurious gala for its supporters. While hosting a gala is an excellent strategy, it can be expensive and time-consuming for those who do not have the resources to plan such an event. Most galas are also black-tie attire, so creating an atmosphere to meet the evening’s them can be a difficult process. While golf tournaments require extensive planning, they are oftentimes easier for an organization to coordinate and execute.