People all over the world want to help to make a difference. There are hundreds of amazing causes to get behind, and while I may have created my own foundation, Team Reed was fortunate enough to get this up and running in thanks to my career as a professional golfer. Not everyone is so lucky as to have a platform such as mine, so some creative fundraising has to take place in order to get the funds necessary to start your own non-profit. With these easy and creative fundraising ideas, you can follow in Team Reed’s footsteps and start (or contribute to) your own non-profit or charity.


Hairless Heroes

There are many, including young boys and girls, who lose their hair due to treatments for illnesses. Volunteer to stand in solidarity with them by holding a “Hairless Heroes” event. Every volunteer who reaches their donation goal must shave their head. For an extra donation, hold a drawing to pick who gets to use the clippers!



Sports + teams + charity – what more could you ask for? Communities and nonprofits have been perfecting the olympic themed fundraiser for decades, and for good reason – it works! This event takes this a step further by adding hometown-favorite activities to the mix. For example, if you’re living in a farm-filled area, see who can grow the largest tomato or who can herd the most goats in under a minute. Even if you’re not an expert, having fun is part of the price of admission.


Gold Digger

Panning for gold might be a thing of the past, but odds are high that you have some extra gold accessories around the house collecting dust. Set up a community-wide gold donation event and see your old items turn into money for your charitable cause. To celebrate the success, host a gold-themed party.


Bail Me Out

This quirky fundraiser “jails”  prominent community leaders, forcing them to ask their fellow community members to help them reach “bail.” When bail is reached, your volunteer prisoner can be set free. This is a fun volunteer opportunity that has a lot of money making potential depending on who you can get to volunteer.


Wrappy Hour

Wrapping Christmas presents is not always fun, but with a “Wrappy” Hour it can be! Anyone who donates can have their gifts wrapped by community members. By paying an extra donation to be on the wrapping team, you can enjoy happy hour while wrapping those presents – just don’t drink too much or you’ll mix up the gifts!


Monster March

By charging a small fee – we’re talking anywhere from $1-$5 per child – your entire town or community can have a profitable “Monster March” Halloween parade featuring all of the kids in their costumes before Trick-or-Treating begins. Have a great dog or team costume? Enter them too! Award some prizes and set the bar higher for next year.


Pub Crawl

A pub crawl is a great way to get the adult community together for a good cause and some stress relief. By visiting all of the local hotspots with your group you’ll also get to enjoy your city with pride. Charging $15-$20 for t-shirts, so your group stays together and shows off your cause, is a great way to raise funds and awareness.

These ideas really only begin to scratch the surface on what opportunities are available for your non-profit. The most important goal is to support your cause, and since you’ve already chosen to donate your time, you’re already halfway to a successful fundraiser! For more fundraising ideas, tips on philanthropy, and updates from Team Reed and The Patrick Reed Foundation, visit my websites,,, and